About allSTEAM

bringing the gap in education and socio-economic

allSTEAM is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to address sustainable development challenges faced by African countries via STEAM education.

The education system in  African countries must adapt to the fast-changing world in order to help Africa thrive. These countries have many inspiring individuals, learners, and innovators, but they often struggle to make an impact outside their own communities. Thus, allSTEAM exists to identify, support, facilitate, and initiate an impactful, action-oriented  millennium.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Why we do what we do

Imported solutions aren't solving sustainability challenges in africa

The number of primary school graduates in African countries has recently increased significantly, however, a significant number has not pursued further education or landed a job. Additionally, students from poorer households are about three times more likely to drop out of school than those from economically advantaged families. This is primarily due to the following factors:

Inadequate access to quality educational resources

Lack of localized educational content

Inadequate  number of trained teachers

Growing trend of child labor due to poverty

Unsustainable educational reform initiatives

Poor resource allocation and policies

What we do

Doing a little is better doing nothing at all

allSTEAM works in collaboration with individuals, organizations, local communities, schools, and other institutions worldwide to address sustainable development challenges through STEAM education.

Translating and localizing open-source content. Collaborating with local teachers to create local content. These contents will be made available  both online and offline.

Introducing problem-solving learning methods through hands-on projects and bootcamps. We only promote and support locally implementable projects or training.

Building makers hubs at strategic locations to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among young graduates and skilled workers.

Promoting local business ventures to reduce unnecessary imports, creating jobs, and eliminating illegal migration and poverty.

Our process in action

Talent Discovery

There are many hidden talents within our communities. But if we can't discover and nature these young innovators we end up losing them to the diaspora

Skill-Based learning

All our projects and training are hands-on skill training.

Local Intervention

We focus on grassroots projects. All our trainings are tailored to address local challenges.

Collaborative Approach

We bring together highly skilled professionals to design and execute locally motivated projects.

Sustainable Methods

Projects that are not self-sustainable do not scale or solve long-term problems. Thus, we always evaluate the sustainability of our solutions before they are implemented

Our team

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